Study Questions (Ch 05)

1. Study Questions #1. Ch 5. Which of the following are the major nontariff trade barriers? Check all that apply. Legal actions Domestic content requirements Specific quota-rate tariffs Orderly marketing agreements Points: 1 / 1 Close Explanation Explanation: With the decline in import tariffs in the past two decades, nontariff trade barriers have gained in importance […]

Study Questions (Ch 04)

1. Study Questions #1. Ch 4. Which of the following defines a compound tariff? A fixed amount of money per unit of the imported product A fixed amount of money per unit combined with a fixed percentage of the value of the imported product A fixed percentage of the value of the imported product as it […]

Homework (Ch 04)

1. Identifying types of tariffs For each hypothetical scenario, complete the first column in the following table by indicating whether the tariff described is more likely a protective tariff or a revenue tariff. Scenario Protective or Revenue Tariff Type A. In response to concerns from business leaders, a legislator has designed a new tariff on raw […]

Study Questions (Ch 03)

1. Study Questions #1. Ch 3. Which of the following are effects of transportation costs on international trade patterns? Check all that apply. High transportation costs reduce a nation’s volume of trade. High transportation costs increase a nation’s volume of trade. Transportation costs facilitate the process of factor–price equalization. A nation may export and import the […]

Homework (Ch 03)

1. Visualizing the factor-endowment theory Consider the two hypothetical nations of Grork and Ferville. Suppose they both produce only two goods, robot vacuum cleaners and plastic army men. Each country faces a trade-off when producing the two goods. The following graph displays the respective production possibilities frontiers (PPF) for Grork and Ferville.   Terms of […]

Homework (Ch 02)

1. Comparative and absolute advantage Gilberto and Juanita run a catering business in which they have two major tasks: getting new clients and preparing food for events and parties. It takes Gilberto 10 hours to prepare the food for an event and 5 hours of effort to get each new client. For Juanita, it takes […]

Project: Mathematics of Finance

Attempt History Attempt Time Score LATEST Attempt 1 87 minutes 55 out of 55  Correct answers are hidden. Score for this attempt: 55 out of 55 Submitted Oct 24 at 4:40pm This attempt took 87 minutes. Simple Interest Because simple interest is used on short-term notes, the time period is often given in days rather […]

Scholarship Essay

Events that have made a big impact on your life Describe an experience or event that has made a big impact on your life. How did it transform your everyday routine? Did it give a greater prospect for your development? View Sample