Exemplary Writers


In an MS Word document, please describe the items you’ve chosen, why you’ve chosen them, and what they reveal or reflect about you. Place this same photo at the end of your text. Remember to do so in at least 300 words, which is about one page. Also, remember to adhere to expected formatting standards (which is of particular importance in business and technical writing). 

DO NOT do the following:

  1. Use the assignment as the title. Be creative. Give a hint about the content.
  2. Introduce your name. 
  3. Talk about your family. (For example: “I have one sister and one brother…”) We’re trying to get to know you, not them.
  4. Talk about when you were born, your age, where you live. Again, these are external and don’t tell us about your personality.

These last two points, you’ll notice, are not part of the prompt, so to say these things is to be off-topic at best or just flat out ignore instructions at worst.

DO be sure to do the following:

  1. Include a creative title in both your post as well as your written document.
  2. Follow all formatting standards in Part 2 (above).
  3. Adjust font sizes/types in your discussion posts.


Items I’ve selected is Ice Coffee, Collen Hoover Books, Agenda/Organizer, Pens, Couponing Apps, Anime

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