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The Scholarship Jacket Essay

Essay 1:  “The Scholarship Jacket”


  1. The main character is the character around which the story revolves and who has the main conflict in the story. Describe and analyze this character by choosing qualities of the character that illustrate or support the main idea. Choose examples of what the character says, does, thinks or what others say or think about the character (see handout) that illustrate the central idea. Choose at least 4 elements from the character handout (see below) to discuss about the main character and have a quote from the story to support each point you make about the character. Any comment made about the main character should illustrate or support the central idea.
  2. Supporting characters give information about the main character. Briefly describe (2-3 sentences) one or two supporting character and tell what each represents or symbolizes in the story. What is each supporting character’ s function or purpose in the story?
  3. Discuss conflict in the story: the type of conflict. Provide examples to support your notion.
  4. Discuss social class, race or place in society as it pertains to the story. Provide examples from text. Make a connection with current events of the story,
  5.  Discuss a time in your life when you felt that you or someone you knew was  treated unfairly.
  6.  Discuss the event (100 words.)
  7. Discuss how it made you feel and lesson learned.  (100 words)



  • Paragraph 1 (100 words)
    • Summary and central idea
  • Paragraph 2 (100-200 words)
    • Character
  • Paragraph 3 (100-200)
    • Conflict
  • Paragraph 4
    • Social Class, Race, or place in society (100-200)
  • Paragraph 5
  • A personal circumstance (200 words)

600-800 words

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