UNCG Math Orientation

Score for this attempt: 5 out of 5 Submitted Jan 9 at 12:24pm This attempt took 47 minutes. Question 1 Based on the syllabus and your previous experiences, rank your confidence in your ability to do well in this class. “1” means you’re not confident at all, “5” means you’re very confident. There is no right or […]

Homework (Ch 06)

1. Protectionism, GATT, and world trade In 1932, U.S. manufacturers, which used to enjoy steady relationships with their foreign distributors and export nearly 60% of their output, realized that their exports had fallen to only 20% of total output. Which of the following is the most likely reason for this decrease in exports? The low […]

Homework (Ch 05)

1. Nontariff trade barriers Identify which type of nontariff trade barrier is used in each scenario in the following table. Scenario Export Quota Selective Quota Tariff-Rate Quota Global Quota Export Subsidy Domestic Production Subsidy Domestic Content Requirement The United States charges a tariff of 9.35¢ per kilogram for the first 30,393 tons of peanuts and […]

Study Questions (Ch 05)

1. Study Questions #1. Ch 5. Which of the following are the major nontariff trade barriers? Check all that apply. Legal actions Domestic content requirements Specific quota-rate tariffs Orderly marketing agreements Points: 1 / 1 Close Explanation Explanation: With the decline in import tariffs in the past two decades, nontariff trade barriers have gained in importance […]

Study Questions (Ch 04)

1. Study Questions #1. Ch 4. Which of the following defines a compound tariff? A fixed amount of money per unit of the imported product A fixed amount of money per unit combined with a fixed percentage of the value of the imported product A fixed percentage of the value of the imported product as it […]

Homework (Ch 04)

1. Identifying types of tariffs For each hypothetical scenario, complete the first column in the following table by indicating whether the tariff described is more likely a protective tariff or a revenue tariff. Scenario Protective or Revenue Tariff Type A. In response to concerns from business leaders, a legislator has designed a new tariff on raw […]