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HUMN 344 6980 Technology and Culture (2238): Week 1-2 Quiz

Week 1-2 Quiz Your work has been saved and submitted Written Sep 22, 2023 09:38 AM – Sep 22, 2023 10:56 AM Attempt 1 of 10 Attempt Score 50 / 50 – A Overall Grade (Highest Attempt) 50 / 50 – A Culture The questions in this section are from the readings on the Elements of Culture and Kinds of Culture & Cultural […]


Read Aloud  Rate Content Submit © 2022 Chamberlain University LLC. All rights reserved. Electrolytes Defined Which statement is the best definition of electrolytes?​ Hormones created by glands of the body​ Minerals that are sometimes put into drinks to replace those lost by sweating​ Elements found on a periodic chart​ Ions in bodily fluids that regulate […]

Week 5 Edapt: Application of Homeostatic Mechanisms

Read Aloud  Rate Content Submit © 2022 Chamberlain University LLC. All rights reserved. Hydrostatic Pressure​ Which statement best describes hydrostatic pressure?​ Pressure against the wall of a vessel is caused by the force of fluid traveling through a vessel. Pressure is caused by the differences in the concentrations of two solutions. A passive movement of […]

Edapt Week 5: Dehydration

Dehydration Pathophysiology-Venus > Unit 5   Osmoreceptors detect a decreased blood volume and increased blood concentration of salt and stimulate Ans: THIRST Other than measuring fluid intake and output, how can fluid changes be accurately measured in the body? Select all that apply. Urinary frequency Blood pressure Fluid challenge Electrocardiogram (ECG) Weight Read Aloud  Rate Content […]

Edapt: Fluid Imbalance

Read Aloud  Rate Content Next © 2022 Chamberlain University LLC. All rights reserved. Introduction to Fluid Imbalance​ Over half our body contains water in the form of fluids. These fluids serve a life-sustaining purpose by acting as a transport mechanism for gases, nutrients, and waste. Fluids also protect organs and bones from external trauma.​ To […]


Question 1 Brianna wants to start her aerobics classes. Does research suggest that exercise will affect her milk supply? T Yes F No Question 2 Brianna experienced severe engorgement on day three after the birth. Which of the following are recommendations to manage engorgement? (click all that apply) a. Express (or pump) milk frequently b. […]

Homework (Ch 06)

1. Protectionism, GATT, and world trade In 1932, U.S. manufacturers, which used to enjoy steady relationships with their foreign distributors and export nearly 60% of their output, realized that their exports had fallen to only 20% of total output. Which of the following is the most likely reason for this decrease in exports? The low […]

Homework (Ch 05)

1. Nontariff trade barriers Identify which type of nontariff trade barrier is used in each scenario in the following table. Scenario Export Quota Selective Quota Tariff-Rate Quota Global Quota Export Subsidy Domestic Production Subsidy Domestic Content Requirement The United States charges a tariff of 9.35¢ per kilogram for the first 30,393 tons of peanuts and […]

Study Questions (Ch 05)

1. Study Questions #1. Ch 5. Which of the following are the major nontariff trade barriers? Check all that apply. Legal actions Domestic content requirements Specific quota-rate tariffs Orderly marketing agreements Points: 1 / 1 Close Explanation Explanation: With the decline in import tariffs in the past two decades, nontariff trade barriers have gained in importance […]