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Artificial intelligence enhances/hurts humanity

Essay #3 (Persuasive Research Paper): Write a two to three-page DOUBLE-SPACED persuasive paper arguing for or against any of the topics listed. Consider the evidence, appeal, audience, diction, tone, and fallacies. Please use three to four sources from the ACC Library.


Possible ideas:

1. Snapchat, Instagram, or other social platforms do or don’t cause users to feel more isolated or anxious. 

2. Elementary schools should/shouldn’t reinstitute teaching cursive handwriting. 

3. Today’s teens are/aren’t unfairly stereotyped. 

4. Artificial intelligence enhances/hurts humanity. 

5. Life is better/worse than it was 50 years ago. 

6. Celebrities do/don’t deserve privacy. 


I expect MLA citations. This should be written in the third person, not first or second (“I” or “you”).


I prefer the topic and argument of the paper to be about artificial intelligence enhances/hurts humanity but you can choose from any of the topics above listed in case there are easier ones!


You will need ACC library sources and the login info for that is below this.

user: r1726453

password: 123schoOL

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