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Thesis Statements

(Tentative Thesis Statements): Submit three typed thesis statements (they can all be about the same topic, but think about different angles/variations of your persuasive topic).  You may also present three  completely different topics. Be sure to include five sub-topics (categories) for ONE of your favorite theses.


These thesis must be unique. I have attached a persuasive research essay example under additional materials and there is also thesis examples right below.


Here is an example:

1. There is still not enough intervention when it comes to adult depression which has led to more violence in the U.S.

2. Although receiving a diagnosis with bipolar disorder can be difficult, this disease can also be a source of great creativity for many people.

⭐3. Depression, especially in teens, is still hard to diagnose and treat — more needs to be done to fight this insidious disease.


Definition of depression/symptoms

Current treatment of (talk therapy, meds)

Past treatment of (institutionalization)

Effects of depression when left untreated

Myths about depression 



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