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  1. Adult nursing personal statement

I need a personal statement for an application to a nursing school. I want to work in adult nursing. Now I work as an Enhanced Support Worker, but I need more education. I attended and arranged reviews of service users and even got a nomination for a head office representative there. Also, I used to care for my mother, so this is the reason I want to work as a nurse.

The qualifications that I have:

  • Mental Health Act
  • Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances ActMental Health Bill of Rights
  • Accreditation for NCLD
  • Certificates in ECE in areas including customer service

– I plan to take an ECE course in Mental Health and Social Care

If it is possible, you can make it personal and passionate, so do your magic and gather it all in a good 2-page essay please. Thanks.

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2. Business and management personal statement

Short personal statement about the skills I have and the skills I want to gain.

Here is some information you may need for my essay:

I want a career in business and management because of its financial opportunities and the ability to choose the sphere you want to work in. Then, I want you to write about my experience in nonprofit organizations. I worked as a volunteer in a nonprofit organization and know all my skills from it. I also worked for Ykcreative and gained a lot of business insights there.

Please ask me any questions if there is something else you need to complete it. Thank you.

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