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1. Essay 3: ResearchSupported Argument

25% of total grade for ENGL 1304
Minimum Word Count: 1500

The final writing assignment will be a continuation of the work you’ve done with Assignment 2
the exploratory process and annotated bibliography related to ethical decisionmaking within
your field or projected profession. In this final phase of the research process, you’ll move from
exploration of a research question to thesisdriven argument.

You concluded Assignment 2 with your tentative thesis. You’ll now have a chance to refine that
thesis, revise your research as needed, and develop your thesis in an argumentative essay.
Because you are now creating a focused argument, the sources you found for the annotated
bibliography may not all transfer to this stage of the process. Some sources may support your
more focused claim, and some will have to be abandoned. I expect your research to be revised
for this essay.

You are not limited to the type of claim you may make (e.g., definition, cause, proposal, position
paper, evaluation; chapters 711). You can find guidelines for each of these kinds of arguments
in Read, Reason, Write. My advice is to work your issue out into a single statement, step back,
and then analyze what lies behind your own writing. If it is an argument based on values,
obviously a position paper (claim of values) is the way to go. If you find it is analyzing the root
cause of an issue, the argument about cause is a good choice.

As you draft, follow the strategies for writing arguments in general (Ch. 4), writing the research
supported argument in particular (Ch. 13), as well as the sample MLA essay, pp. 301311, and
sample APA essay, pp. 338346. You may use MLA or APA format for this essay.

Audience: consider your audience to be a wellrounded professor at UH, who is interested in
what you have to say but is also skeptical of points you will be making.

A successful essay will:

Bring readers into the context of the reading. In what larger conversation is the author
participating? What ethical problems or questions appear in this essay? Why are they
important? What’s at stake? The writer will make have a strong claim (thesis) that is both
contestable reasonable people might disagree and predictive it will set up
expectations for your reader for what they will encounter in the essay.

Develop your main points around specific rhetorical strategies. Consider how to bring in
ethos and logos in your writing, while always considering the effect, pathos, that you
predict your writing to have upon the reader.

Support your main points with concrete examples (evidence) from the text. To develop
and support your own points, you will need to include specific examples in the form of
paraphrase or short direct quotations.

2. Express your position, its assumptions, consequences, and any objections to it in a
manner that is logically supported upon facts and advances the argument through
analysis. Your essay should demonstrate an informed stance that has considered the
various sides, arguments, and research of the topic rather than presenting a onesided

Uses an introduction, has a thesis, at least 3 key points that support the main claim
(thesis), has a thesis, a concluding paragraph that uses strong rhetoric to reinforce the
logic of the claim to the reader, has a thesis, properly cites sources, and uses correct
direct quotes and paraphrasing to bring in those sources. And has a thesis. (Just 1 thesis
for the essay). Maybe I forgot to mention it: the essay needs a thesis (strong claim).

Please feel free to ask questions, bring your ideas/thoughts/drafts to me for advice or guidance,
and schedule a meeting to go over your draft in detail.

This essay is worth 25% of your grade. The grading of this essay will be the toughest yet. My
expectations are that you have learned from previous essays and will have improved in your
grammar, style, purpose, development, support, and format. Consider this a project and not a
paper to write at the last minute. I will do my best to enable you in this task, but, if you are
worried or struggling, it is upon you to reach out for help. The Writing Center or myself are the
prime places for assistance. Dont ask for help the day before this is due, there will not be
enough time.

View Sample

Topic: The Great Depression
The screenshots with the links are all the resources for this assignment, I also will copy and paste all the links at the bottom of this text to make it easier for you instead of having to type it out. This assignment is multiple step. The links with filled information is research I have already done. With the research I have completed, a paper is to be written revolving around my thesis question and the 3 arguments. My controversial question is How did the economic security of Americans during the 1930’s worsen/contribute to the Great Depression?. Step 4 is the rough draft which is getting marked. After the information is filled out for step 4 a paper is to be written using all the information from step 4 and following the rubric from step 5. If you have any questions big or small please do no hesitate to ask me. I really appreciate you doing this for me so thank you very much! 🙂 More research and references could be added if you wish, you dont have to use my notes for information you could use your own. Also dont forget to add the government in as well and their involvement to strengthen points. Thanks!

CIS 211 project Spring 2019
Cambridge Analytica project. you must provide me with a printed copy at the beginning of class. The deadline is May 2, 2019. Scenario: Glenn Quagmire CO-Founder of Olaygiggity Corp has a business and personal account with Facebook. He is concerned about his privacy and olaygiggity usiness privacy. He wants to learn more this topic.
Your project: To write 3 page paper, double spaced and one inch margins no more than 14 inch font. Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal.
Your 3 page paper must answer all the following questions.
1. What is Data Security Compliance?
2. What is FISMA?
3. Why is data security important in our society?
4. Discuss in detail the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data scandal, when and how did it start, is there a lawsuit pending on facebook at this time, what is Mark Zuckerberg doing to fix this issue and protect its users’ information and personal data. Has there been a decline in stock for facebook because of this scandal.
5. How did Cambridge Analytica obtain user data and what information can they obtain from the Facebook user(s) ?
6. What was Cambridge Analytica’s goal for obtaining user profile information?
7. How did Cambridge Analytica affect the way voted in the election and do think it is ethical dilemma and why do you or do you not think so.
8. What is psychographic profile and how is it used on facebook ?
9. What can you do to reduce the amount of data and information you supply to
facebook and its affiliates? How can you protect your privacy?
10. What is your opinion of the cambridge Analytica scandal and what did you learn from this paper
In addition to the 3 pages you must:
You must include a cover page with the name of the paper and your name
You must include a reference page, it must include links to all the sources you used to find out this information. This includes (youtube video, books, magazines articles, websites etc.

Topic: Disadvantage of Social Media for Teenagers
However, the government should limit the social media’s use for teenagers because of the negative effects on communication, human brains, and quality of lives. THIS IS THE THISES STATEMENT I WANT OT BE.


I have two attachments if that helps you. For the resources you can use any thing that is fact resource .Gov, .org,

Topic: Identity and Communication
A mainstream view of identity is that individuality comes first and then we interact to form social groups. Define identity and discuss how communication constructs identities. Also, analyze the identity communication as illustrated in the 3 video presentations in Module 3.

When addressing each specific topic, integrate relevant ideas from the various course texts and materials. Your thread must be 300–350 words. Threads and replies must demonstrate course-related knowledge and assertions be supported by references in current APA format. Use first person and single-spaced formatting and indent new paragraphs. Your threads and replies must be well written, well organized, and focused.

Update Jan 23, 2019 00:32:
The video modules are found here

6. Ethics
Topic: Etics
Due Mar 24 by 11:59pm Points 50 Submitting a file upload

Case for Discussion:

Frank is an elementary counselor in a district with a large number of Asian immigrants. The district has been struggling to provide appropriate services for Asian students. By chance, the fifth grade has a very high proportion of immigrant students, nearly 40%. Frank receives notification from the school district that he is to oversee the administration of the fifth grade standardized achievement tests. The scores from these tests are important determinants of placement in special programs (both remedial and accelerated) during middle school. Frank soon learns that the tests have no norms for English-as-a-second-language students and questions school district officials about whether this test ought to be used under the circumstances. They respond that he should administer the test and they’ll deal with the results afterwards. Frank decides that he has no choice but to administer the exam as instructed

This is not an APA paper. However, adherence to standard grammar and paragraph organization is required.

Your discussion should answer the following questions:
Is there an ethical issue in the case?
If so, did the professional act in a manner consistent with current standards and principles?
If the professional did not act in a manner consistent with current standards and principles, what other courses of action would be more ethical?
What core ethical principles are involved?
If the professional failed to act responsibly and his or her misconduct is reported to a disciplinary body, what kind of action should that body take in this kind of case?
Back up your argument with at least one statement from the NOHS ethical code. You may also utilize one of the following ethical codes for additional support: APA, NASW, or ACA, and use the appropriate APA citation.

Update Mar 25, 2019 22:34:
Hello please refer to https://www.cengage.com/dashboard/#/login Please access the book chapter 3 and 10. (ask support for creds)

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