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Annotated Bibliography

1. US foreign policy regarding North Korea’s Nuclear program

For your research, you need to find the sources you be working with and analyze their relevance. Thus, you need to prepare an annotated bibliography that will simplify your research process and allow me to correct the possible mistakes.

For your bibliography, you have to find 3 reliable and relevant sources and annotate them in detail.

Each annotation must contain the following information:

  1. A short summary of what the source is about.
  2. Its relevance to your research (what you will take from it).
  3. Your evaluation of the credibility of the research.

When you are done with the annotations, format everything in MLA format and send it to my email by the deadline.

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2. Week 5 Course Project: Annotated Bibliography and Source Evaluation


W5 Course Project Grading Rubric – 75 pts
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