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Admission Essay

1. Preparation to succeed in college

Paper Instructions

I need an admission essay about my plans to succeed in college. Please, write about my expectation to spend time in the library and my desire to master time management and other skills that are necessary for a student. Then, write about the upper-division coursework and the ways I will balance my life and studies.

Talk about my future profession and how important it is to be a good student to get a good job. Also, that I respect all my professors very much and I think it is important to succeed in college.

The essay must be around 2 pages long. You do not need any resources. Please, write in the first person. If you need any other details, text me immediately. Thank you.

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2. UC Application

I am applying to a computer science college and I need a letter about myself in it. Here are some facts that will help you to write my essay. Talk about coding as my passion and that it is a good profession for the future.

  • I love to spend most of my time coding
  • Coding is interesting
  • I can program in Java because it helps me to create games that I can play during my free time
  • I use classes and functions to solve real-world problems

The essay must be 2 pages long. The format is not that important. Also, you do not need any other resources to complete this essay. Just write it in the first person. Thanks.

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