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Midterm Exam – READ Instructions Carefully!

Started: Oct 14 at 1:11pm

Quiz Instructions


If you have a Mac w/ the newest Catalina OS, it may not play nicely with Canvas exam images.
If you right click on the image you can download it and then see it.
Or, you can use Chrome if you have that browser installed.  

Please carefully read the instructions before you begin.

    • This test has a 75-minute time limit. The timer will not stop once it has started. As such, please ensure that you are fully prepared to complete the exam before you start.
    • Some questions have multiple parts. All parts of a question should be answered before submitting the exam. Blank responses will be marked incorrect.
    • Input numerical responses as either a whole number (e.g., 10) or a decimal rounded to the tenths or hundredths place (e.g., 10.5 or 10.50) unless otherwise noted in the instructions of the question. Do NOT submit answers as a fraction (e.g., 10/3). Do NOT include percentage (%), dollar ($) signs, or commas (,) in your answer. For example, write “1000” not “$1,000”.
    • Be sure to carefully read the questions and their instructions.
    • ECO_300.pdf
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