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Human Services and Ethical practice – Chapter 4 Quiz

  1. If a human service professional is cautious and practice the values of confidentiality, acceptance, individualism, self-determination, and tolerance, he or she can avoid having to deal with ethical dilemmas. TRUE or FALSE (1 point)


  1. Which of the following would NOT be considered ethical dilemma: (2 points)
    1. A third-party requests information about a client
    2. You observe a colleague joking a out a client in the break room at work
    3. You run into a client at the grocery store with their spouse who you have never met
    4. You have terminated your relationship with a now former client and you receive a thank you note in the mail from her


  1. The foundation of ethical behavior is based on: (2 points)
    1. Common sense that most people in society agree on
    2. Principles that are shared by members of the profession including autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence and justice
    3. Rules of conduct that are established las with the intent of protecting clients
    4. A set of guidelines developed by experts in the field


  1. Typically, a code of ethics includes items that do all of the following except: (2 points)
    1. State the goals or aims of the profession
    2. Articulate what sanctions will be assessed against a professional who violates the code of ethics
    3. Protect the client
    4. Provide guidance to professional behavior


  1. Ethics codes are comprehensive enough provide enough guidance that the human service professional won’t need to develop much of their own ethical reasoning skills. TRUE or FALSE (1 point)


  1. Codes of ethics are only binding on members who adopt it. TURE or FALSE (1point)



  1. Competence is defined by a set of stands for practice within the profession. Most codes of ethics in helping professions include statements about how practitioners must meet these standards. Below is a list of standards, one of which is NOT part of this list of expected competencies. (2 ponts0
    1. Academic training
    2. Supervised experience
    3. Personal life experience
    4. Areas of specialization
    5. Obligation to improve services and skills; continuous improvement
  2. Human services professionals are acting in an unethical manner if they work with people from a culture other than their own without an adequate culture specific awareness about that culture. TRUE or FALSE (1point)


  1. Which of the following statemens is NOT true about confidentiality. (2 points)
    1. Confidentiality is the helper’s assurance that information the client divulges will remain between the two of them
    2. If the information is shared, it will be shared only with those designated by the client
    3. In some situations, laws require that confidentiality be breached
    4. Except in a crisis situation, parent’s do not have the right to know what is happening between a human service worker and their minor child


  1. A human service worker is obligated to breach confidentiality in all of the following situations except. (2 points)
    1. When the client is dangerous to self or others
    2. When a person with serious mental illness has gone off their medications and may relapse as a result
    3. When there is suspicion of abuse of neglect
    4. When the client brings charges against the counselor
    5. When the client has already introduced privileged material into litigation


  1. Informed consent: (2 points)
    1. Authorizes a professional to bill for their services
    2. Is the clients right to know about the qualifications of the helper, treatment procedures, costs of services, confidentiality, and access to records.
    3. Is what allows a professional to release the records to another professional
    4. Only applies to clients who are under age 18


  1. A good ethical decision-making model includes all of the following except: (2 Points)
    1. Identify the problems and state the dilemma clearly
    2. Consult with current and former clients
    3. Identify and explore options
    4. Choose a course of action and act



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