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Week 1: Prescription Writing Started: Oct 28 at 2:06am Quiz Instructions

Question 1   0 pts

I understand the value of doing my own work and learning this skill to support my future independent practice as a nurse practitioner. 

I understand that while there may be opportunities beyond my faculty’s control to collaborate or share answers with peers, that it would not benefit my own personal and professional growth to do so. 

I agree to do my own work and take personal responsibility for my learning.

Question 2  5 pts

Refill Henry Xia’s hydrochlorothiazide prescription for hypertension. He takes 25 mg a day and gets a 3-month supply with enough refills for a year. NKDA; DOB 6/9/67.

Question 3    5 pts

Prescribe antibiotic therapy for 14-month old Brandy Mitchell who has acute otitis media. You will prescribe an antibiotic that has an established pediatric dose by weight. She weighs 10 kilograms and has no allergies. She has not had otitis media previously and has no allergies.

What calculation is necessary for this prescription? 

Question 4    5 pts
Explain or illustrate through a formula or steps how you would calculate a drug dose based on weight. You can use this information if you would like to show the steps with numbers: 22 lbs, dose is 40mg/kg/day, to be given twice a day. Medication concentration is 400mg/5
Question 5  5 pts

Your patient weighs 22lbs. If you order Amoxicillin 80mg/kg/day by mouth divided into 2 doses in 24 hours for 10 days, how much should this patient receive? The medication strength is 400mg/5ml


Question 6   5 pts

Give 74-year-old Robert Popovich, a post-operative hip replacement patient with no allergies, a hydrocodone/acetaminophen prescription to last for 5 days.

What special number that belongs to the provider is needed to prescribe this medication specifically?

Question 7    5 pts

Give Robert Popovich, a post-operative hip replacement patient a prescription for hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5/325 to be taken every 4-6 hours prescription to last for 5 days. Patient should be allowed to take one or two pills at a time. Patient is allergic to amoxicillin. DOB is 2/8/1946.


Question 8   5 pts

Prescribe triamcinolone cream for 40-year-old Ismail Kahn who has eczema. DOB 12/9/66 with NKDA. 

Using one of the resources listed for assistance, complete the prescription:


Question 9  5 pts

Prescribe alendronate for Nancy Kozlosky to combat her recently diagnosed osteoporosis. She can get a 3-month supply and be seen in one year for a follow-up unless there are any complications or concerns. DOB 7/11/38. Nancy is allergic to codeine.


Question 10   5 pts
What special instructions are needed for alendronate? (select all that apply)
Group of answer choices

Give with water

Give with milk

Take 30 minutes before first food, drink, or medication

Take with food to aid if absorption

Avoid lying down for 30 minutes

Avoid lying down for at least 2 hours
Question 11    5 pts
What lab should be drawn before alendronate is ordered and monitored at regular intervals during treatment with this drug?
Group of answer choices

Platelet Count

Liver Function Test

Red Blood Cell Count

Creatinine Level
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