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Assignment 2: Persuasive Proposal Memo


In this assignment, you are VP of Management at AXR, and you are writing up the ladder to Peter Street, your CEO.

Write a proposal to Peter Street recommending that AXR hire outside translators for future meetings with the Japan-based teams. Be sure to identify the need, counter possible objections, outline the benefits, and include actionable next steps. Boost your credibility by using information from outside resources. Organize each of these elements persuasively, and be sure your document is clear, concise, and cohesive.


The Assignment

Persuasive Memo

Compose a 1-2 page memo arguing for hiring outside translators for future meetings with the Japan-based teams.

Your memo should follow best practices and formatting conventions for US business. Additionally, your memo must:

  • Follow a direct structure
  • Identify and address your readers’ needs and concerns
  • Utilize research as well as persuasion
  • Be organized for ease of reading and reference
  • Appeal to Pathos, Logos, and Ethos
  • Conclude with proposed next steps

Be sure to also use the case study to your advantage in thinking through how to write this proposal memo.

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