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Assignment 1: Informative Email

Attached is my essay that I need edited by February 4th. This assignment is to focus on writing with clarity.  So if you could focus on the following clarity errors. We are suppose to check for:
CLARITY ERRORS (Deduct 1-2 points from “Style & Diction”)


 Here is the prompt:


Scenario Assignment Prompt

Assignment 1: Informative Email

In this assignment, imagine you are Peter Street, CEO of AXR (you may use your own name on the documents, however).

Compose an informative email to your chief engineer, Victoria Arpour.

In this email, direct Victoria to draft guidelines for her team to follow when communicating with the Japan-based sales team regarding customer needs and complaints.

Give her some suggestions for topics she must cover in her guidelines, at least one resource to turn to for support, some rationale for your request, and a deadline for her work.

Be sure to use email formatting, including To, From, Date, and Subject fields.


The Assignment

Compose a 1-page email from CEO Peter Street to Chief Engineer Arpour of AXR.

Your memo should follow best practices and formatting conventions for US business. Additionally, your memo must:

  • Direct your chief engineer toward what the guidelines she should draft need to contain
  • Explain the details, rationale, and stakes of this request
  • Note important elements she & her team should cover
  • Give at least one resource
  • Give a reasonable deadline
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