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HSA 369: Program Evaluation Assignment 3: Outcome and process evaluation

Please follow the guidelines in your syllabus for written assignments. Check the schedule for the
due date of this assignment
. Once corrected assignments are returned in class this assignment
will not be accepted late.
The purpose of this assignment is to practice generating ideas for outcome and process
evaluation and to begin considering options for measuring these issues. For each of the three
programs listed, please respond to the following questions.
a. Propose
3-4 outcome goals for each program. Then, propose a strategy for how the
program might measure whether or not it successfully achieved each outcome.
Hint: Review the class handout that outlines characteristics of good outcome statements
as well as the different data collection strategies outlined in your toolkit.
b. Identify two possible process issues to explore in a process evaluation. Then, explain
WHY you think these issues would be important. Then, propose a strategy for how the
program might examine each issue.
Hint: Review the list of possible process evaluation issues on page 49 of your toolkit as
well as the different data collection strategies outlined in your toolkit.
Note: you have limited information about each program, so there is not necessarily one specific
right answer. Use your best judgment and creativity.
See example on the reverse of this page.

1. A transitional housing program that provides support services to homeless families and
works with landlords to help families obtain short-term housing. Support services include
workshops related to tenant responsibilities, budgeting, and job skills training.
2. This program provides elderly people living in their own home help with everyday chores
such as cleaning, shopping, lawn care, and transportation to appointments. It also hosts social
activities to give elderly people opportunities to socialize with other community members.
3. An after-school recreational program that provides educational and social activities for
elementary-school children. Specific services include academic tutoring, homework
assistance, mentoring, and field trips

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