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Answer the following:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the process of onboarding Hubbs. What elements of the new hire orientation and onboarding processes would be particularly important to his successful performance?
  2. Assume the role of the manager in this case. How do you handle a new employee who lacks the specific skills that were presented during the selection process? How do you determine if additional training is the solution and how much training is reasonable or expected? How would you know if training is not the solution?
  3. Discuss the risks versus the benefits of the manager’s decision to have Hamrick mentor Hubbs. Overall, do you think this decision was effective? If you do not agree, who do you think would have been a more suitable mentor for Hubbs and why?
  4. Evaluate the manager’s process of handling Hubb’s performance problems. Was it effective or could it have been handled differently? Was anything overlooked? What other factors besides lack of skills or ability could have contributed to Hubb’s poor performance? How could the manager have mitigated some of these factors?
  5. Consider the performance issue with the marketing department. What happens when poor performance by a team member affects a department’s reputation and credibility? What options should the manager consider in rectifying the situation?
  6. The manager needs to act. What are her options and what factors and/or additional information must she consider before making a decision? What are the implications of this decision for the team?
  7. Review Case A and reflect on the recruiting and selection processes used to hire Hubbs.
  • How could the recruiting and/or selection processes been improved to mitigate the new hire’s performance issues?
  • What effect could the recruiting and/or selection processes have had on Hubbs’s subsequent performance and his team’s perceptions of his performance?
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