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ARH 344 Exam 2

Part 1 of the Exam (50 points):
  • Part 1 of Exam 2 is timed. You will have 1 hour to complete 5 short essay questions in which you will apply a term to a work of art from the required works list.
  • Late submission of any part of the exam is subject to the course late policy. See the course syllabus.
  • The entire exam is open to course materials (ie “open book”) but keep in mind part 1 is timed so you do need to study.
  • You must complete part 1 of the exam all at once. The timer will continue to run if you save and return. If you go over time, your exam will be subject to an automatic deduction of 1 point for every minute you go over time.
  • You have 1 attempt at Part 1 of the exam.
  • If you encounter technical issues with the exam, contact the Student Technology Center and Dr. Pratt. Technical issues will not result in an automatic allowance to retake the exam.
  • Be very careful if you have multiple tabs or browsers open (for example, if you have a sway open) during the exam. Do NOT accidentally close out of the exam!!! 
  • You are not permitted to copy and paste from the sways, articles, or the internet for your answers. You may not use internet sources outside of those provided in the sways. If I determine you did so, you will receive a 0.
About the 5 questions:  You will be shown a work from the list of required works in the study guide. These will be pulled at random from a bank of the required images in Blackboard.
You will:
(2 points) Identify the work. What is it? Where is it (if still in situ, the place it was designed for, or if it is a work of architecture)? Who was the artist or architect?
(4 points) Discuss at least one aspect of its significance. What about it is important? What does the work of art tell us about artists, patrons, or audience in the Italian Renaissance? You can discuss an aspect of iconography, style, content, or context that is significant as well.
(4 points) Application of 1 a term from the course materials. I will give you a term from the list of required terms to define and then apply to this specific work.
Partial credit will be given but show me what you know! The more information you provide, the more opportunity I have to award points. I recommend keeping a timer on your phone and give yourself about 10 minutes per definition response.
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