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Week 2 Checkpoint Quiz

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Question 1

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Briefly state how the text defines “claim.”

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Question 2

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Reread the section in the text entitled “Two Confusions to Avoid” in Chapter 5. From what you read there, construct a definition of the term “argument” that includes both what the term is, in the context of this chapter, and what it is not.

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Question 3

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What questions does the text suggest we ask to distinguish conclusions and reasons?

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Question 4

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What are the component premises are there in the following statement: “If it weren’t for how much it costs and how big it is, I’d buy that TV for our bedroom.”

Question 5

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Below are four common misconceptions about mapping an argument. Choose any two and briefly explain why each is wrong.

    • When making an analysis and map of another person’s argument, you should correct obvious mistakes.
    • Every line of reasoning in an argument map eventually leads to a conclusion.
    • Unless the speaker actually states a reason, we can’t tell what they are thinking.
    • In analyzing and mapping the statements in an argument, context is not important.


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