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Quiz 2


This quiz evaluates learning for NR222 concepts in Weeks 3 & 4, along with 7th edition APA formatting knowledge.

Upon beginning this quiz, you are agreeing to abide by the Academic Integrity Policy as part of the Chamberlain University Student Code of Conduct.  This quiz must be completed independently; questions and answers may not be shared or removed. Students are permitted to use their own textbooks, lecture PowerPoints, and notes to complete this quiz.

You have 60 minutes (1 hour) to complete this quiz. Any questions/items that have not been answered within 60 minutes will be marked as incorrect. Each of the 10 questions/items on this quiz is worth 5 points. A total of 50 points may be achieved. You have two opportunities to take this quiz. The highest score achieved between the two attempts will be saved in the gradebook. Only one question/item will appear at a time and you may not go back to change a response once it has been submitted. The late assignment policy applies to this quiz.

Attempt History

Attempt Time Score
KEPT Attempt 2 11 minutes 47.5 out of 50
LATEST Attempt 2 11 minutes 47.5 out of 50
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